The farm was started from the tradition of Marche sharecropping: in the early 1900 the Scendoni family settled in the bottom of the farmhouse and in the 50s, freeing themselves from the condition of sharecropping, became owner of the land in which they were initially grown wheat, olives and vines .
Today the activity, family run, is the result of the fruitful combination of tradition, experience and innovation.
The farm is immersed in a purely agricultural environment in the municipality of Grottazzolina, halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini Mountains; is 15 Km from Fermo's historic center and about 20 Km from the seaside resort of Porto San Giorgio.
The place is very quiet but also well connected to the surrounding area and offers the opportunity to spend pleasant moments in contact with nature, to observe how the surrounding countryside is changed depending on the seasons and pleasant walks and hiking or biking .






Azienda Agricola Ubaldo Scendoni,

Via Fonte Carrà 18, 63844 Grottazzolina, (FM), Italia

tel/fax +39 0734631696

cell. +39 3404903924 - +39 3401690630



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